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Most car owners assume that it’s okay to clean your car wheels the same way that you would any other body parts. That is, with some shampoo, water, and sponge. However, come to think of it, the alloy wheels go through a pretty hard life. Imagine the amount of dirt from the roads and the dust from the brake pads. Washing the body parts of a car is quite easy, but the problem comes when you get to the wheels. It can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, there are alloy wheel cleaning products that can be quite handy for cleaning your wheels.

What are the Best Alloy Wheel Cleaning Products?

For you to efficiently clean your wheels. You should choose the best alloy wheel cleaning kit. The kit should contain a brush and a cleaner. These cleaners contain tough formulas that can remove the most stubborn dirt. As a result, your wheels will be clean and shiny. Once you have the kit in your hands, you can begin by rinsing of the wheel with some water. You can then apply your cleaner of choice, let it rest for a while and then use a brush to scrub off the dirt. You should ensure that you rub the brush into every area. This review will focus on the best alloy wheel cleaning brush, cleaner, and alloy cleaning tips.

Top Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush

We have filtered some of the best alloy brushes that will ensure your wheels are as clean as new. It can be quite hard to find the most suitable and reliable wheel brush. However, you should always go for an easy to use and one that won’t scratch your car wheels. The following are the best wheel brushes and reasons why you should have them. Counting down from 5…

5. Viking Red & Black Premium Metal-Free Wheel & Rim Brush

best alloy wheel cleaner

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This brush is not made of any metal meaning you have no risk of scratching your wheels whilst cleaning. The heavy duty sponge is made of microfibre and is easily compressed to enable it to get into smaller spaces, providing greater flexibility. It cleans inside the spokes where a sponge or wash mitt just cant reach.

The sure-grip TPR handle means you don’t hurt your hand or loose your grip when cleaning your wheels. It has a longer handle than most cleaning brushes so you don’t wrap your knuckles when cleaning. The red microfibre cover is easily removed and washed in-between uses.

Once dipped in soapy water you can complete the cleaning of a wheel within two minutes without too much effort.

One reviewer comments, “It’s tapered, so it easily fits in the tightest spots. It’s firm enough that you can scrub between the spokes without it flopping around like a wet noodle. I finish off with Chemical Guys tire dressing to make the tires shine.”
  • Long handle with a good grip so no bashing your knuckles on the wheels
  • Very soft with no metal so nothing to damage your rims
  • Clean wheels within two minutes with minimal effort

  • Doesn’t get in all the small spaces
  • Good for dust and dirt but not great for tough break dust

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4. Detail Cleaning Brush 17 Inch Long With 9×4 Inch Black Bristle

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We recommend this product as it has 5 different variations to suit individual preference and requirement. The black 18 inch option comes complete with an angled wheel woolie. The 18 inch premium soft bristle scrub brush is soft enough to use on even matte and chrome rims without scratching or chipping. Combine this with the angled wheel woollies which can even clean deep inside the wheel wells leaving no dirt untouched on your alloys.

Great set for cleaning trucks, bikes, cars and even caravans. The durable molded handle is a nice differentiation to most products on the market that can leave blisters after lots of scrubbing.

One reviewer writes, “Great brush! I use these professionally in my detail company. They get the job done and don’t scratch. They are aggressive but not too aggressive. The end has once protected to prevent scratching. Highly recommend!”
  • Molded handle stops blisters and over usage injuries on the hands
  • Five options to choose from, wheel wooly highly recommended.
  • Gets deeps and hard to get spots

  • A small number of reviewers commented the at the handle came loose
  • Somebody else found the 3″ diameter of the handle meant it didn’t fit in half the wheel openings

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3. Master Wheel Brush, Easy Reach Wheel and RIM Detailing Brush 17’’ Long Soft Bristle by TAKAVU

best alloy wheel cleaning

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This brush is solidly built so as not to loose bristles and long enough to reach across the rim to ensure complete cleanliness. This brush enables cleaning of the front of the of the rim as well as the inside.

Perfect size for an alloy where there isn’t much space between the disc and inner wheel drum.

The material is hard enough to clean the rim but will not scratch. This scratch proof feature is enhanced by the rubber tip. It’s long enough to reach across the rim and also skinny enough to get behind the brakes without having to rotate the wheels, and the cone shaped polishing tool reaches all the hard to get areas.

“The brush is long enough to reach to the back of the rim and can fit between the caliper and the rim even on my f150. A quick scrub and the wheel was pretty clean. The bristles don’t feel super soft but i don’t see them damaging any rim unless even with scrubbing. Just make sure your bucket is filled enough to cover the entire brush when you dunk it in. Overall for the price a good brush.”
  • Robust with a solid build
  • Good length for reaching across the rim
  • Cleans hard to reach spots

  • One reviewer found brake dust clings to brush, the manufacturer responded with instructions to counter act this
  • One reviewer found the bristles too stiff

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2. CleanWorld- Premium Wool Wheel Brushes 3-piece Kit, Metal free,100% LambsWool No Scratch Brushes for Rims,Auto Detailing with Rubber Grip

best alloy wheel cleaners

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Most reviewers agree that a set of three brushes allows much more flexibility and the ability to clean any type of wheel irrespective of the size, shape or finish. Complete with a 12, 15 and 18 inch brush.

The unique properties of this set include the custom made handles with rubber grip, designed for a good grip even withstanding heavy duty cleaning and the application of pressure. Also featuring the  longest brush handles on the market, and holes in the handles for hanging while drying and for simple and practical storage.

All three brushes comprise of premium grade wool so as to provide the best clean with no scratches to the wheel. More than just wheel and rims, these brushes can also be used wet or dry to cleaning dashboards, door jams, grills and seats for an all round sparkle.

These brushes arrived promptly within 48 hours. I just used them for the first time and they worked great to clean areas a sponge can’t reach. I used them mainly to clean my wheels to remove grime and breakdust. They easily reach inside the wheels to scrub places previously unreachable. This should help preserve the manufacture coating on my aluminum wheels. 🙂 Also works great for grills and other nooks and crannies you can’t get with a sponge. When detailing my car my tools are: sponge, bucket, microfiber cloth, and wheel brushes and i’m good to detail my car.
  • Longest handles on the market
  • Premium grade wool so do not scratch
  • Holes in the handles for storage or easy drying

  • One reviewer found the premium wool too soft to be effective at thorough cleaning

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At number 1, the best rated alloy wheel cleaning brush is…

1. Chemical Guys ACC M10 Wheel Woolies Wheel Brushes (3 Brushes) 

best alloy wheel cleaner

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They are super soft, gentle and effective in cleaning delicate wheels. They come in a set of three brushes of different sizes so that it can serve several sizes of openings and wheels. It cleans quickly and can fit in with the rims. Plus, it has a solid plastic shaft. Therefore, it can serve you for a long time.

The set comes with three brushes in a variety of sizes; 8 inch, 12 inch and 19 inch. Each brush is built from high est grade wool meaning they are are soft enough to not damage the finish of a high quality alloy, whilst still getting in the corners and cracks for a good clean. They are very robust and will last you a long time.

One reviewer says: “I’ve been using this specific set for 2 years, with a car wash schedule that consists of cleaning my vehicle every weekend. The wheels of my specific vehicle accumulate a heavy amount of brake dust. These woolies have held up extremely well and only recently I decided that I should replace it. I highly recommend this specific set of wheel woolies.”
  • Will not scratch or damage your alloys
  • Bend and flex to fit into the smallest spaces
  • Very robust and wont need replacing for a long time.

  • One reviewer commented, “Could do with a fourth brush in an even smaller size to get in the space around the lug nut.”
  • Another reviewer struggled with the grip of the handles.

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Alloy Wheel Cleaning Tips

Alloy wheel cleaning products are quite useful when it comes to removing dirt from your wheels. However, if you intend to clean and maintain that shine on your wheels efficiently, you need to have more knowledge about alloy wheel cleaning. Below are some tips that will ensure your alloy wheels always look great.

  • You should avoid steel wool, polishing compounds or rough cleaners. It’s because such can cause scratches on your wheels. Only use gentle brushes.
  • You should avoid alloy wheel cleaning acid because it can damage your wheels and tires. You should always carefully check the ingredients before purchasing any product.
  • You should avoid alloy wheel cleaning acid because it can damage your wheels and tires. You should always carefully check the ingredients before purchasing any product.
  • You should avoid alloy wheel cleaning acid because it can damage your wheels and tires. You should always carefully check the ingredients before purchasing any product.
  • It’s advisable to clean the wheels first so that you avoid the dirt of the wheel splashing onto the nearing car body parts. Plus don’t use the wheel brushes on any other parts, this will aid in reducing spreading of the dirt particles.

If you use the above tips and the alloy wheel cleaning products, you can be sure that your wheels will always be sparkling clean. Plus, the wheels will last much longer.

Everyone hates getting scuffed alloys, these cleaning brushes will get help to a certain extent but if you’re a repeat offender or worried about irreparable damage, it may be worth considering alloy wheel insurance.

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