Best Car Amplifier for 2018

In the modern day world, a car amplifier can make or break your car audio system – quite literally. It’s a crucial purchase to ensure you don’t have to fork out for any pricey replacements of sound equipment. Whether you’re interested in the best amplifier brands of the best amplifiers for bass, we’ve created a guide to look at all these factors.

Amplifiers are usually purchased to either power the subwoofer, typically known as 1-channel or monoblock, or the component speaker system itself, more commonly 2-channel or more, although for this requirement you;d want to look for an amplifier with the most channels getting the best amplifier for the money.

If you want great, crisp sound in your car then an amplifier is key, whether you opt for aftermarket speakers or remain with factory fitted. Obviously, replacing speakers, head units and adding subwoofers can improve sound, but without an amp you wont have enough power to drive the sound in the first place.

We have reviewed the best car amplifiers for 2018.

Car Audio Amplifier Reviews – Best 5 On The Market

Pioneer GM-D8604 Class FD 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

best car amplifier

When considering the best car amplifier, Pioneer is always up there as one of the best amplifier brands.

The new Pioneer amplifier provides extreme efficiency and clear crisp sound. The new design is compact and allows flexible installation options for the consumer. The improved class D design is 50% smaller in size than the GM-Series Class-AB amplifiers whilst offering a significant enhancement in power output capability. It also features much improved circuit design with a self moderating temperature gauge, thus moderating input in accordance with how hot it is. This in turns means there is more flexibility to add multiple subwoofers should you wish.

There are other technical efficiencies (variable low pass and high pass filter) that provide the option to adjust according to personal listening preferences and subwoofer setting characteristics. You can set the LPF and HPF anywhere from 40 Hz to 500Hz.

Another nice feature of the Pioneer GM-D8604 is that even if you don’t have a Pioneer head unit they don’t punish you for it as with some brands. They have made the speaker level inputs compatible with any OEM unit without having to buy adapters, or any unit without the typical RCA-inputs. That means you can have a Pioneer amp in your car without having to replace all the other equipment, keeping costs down and installation time to a minimum.

“5 stars. Awesome highs and mids, powerful and compact, at a nice price point. Definitely worth the money! Quality on the amp components and I’d recommend it, it sounds amazing! Here’s my audio setup Pioneer AVIC-5200NEX Headunit Pioneer GM-D8604 4 Channel Amplifier 2X JBL GT7-6 6-3/4″ rear speakers 2x JBL GTO529 5-1/4 front speakers.”

  • Big power, small size
  • Stable, durable circuitry
  • Can connect to multiple subwoofers
  • Extreme efficiency and high quality sound

  • One reviewer recommended purchasing alongside a sub for exceptional sound quality

JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000 Watt Class D Car Amplifier

best car amplifier

This is one of the most potent car amplifiers, and it has also been voted as one of the best car amplifiers in 2017. It is amazingly compact and can provide different power outputs such as the 5000 rms which is produced at 40 hms and 750 rms at 30 hms.

It is well equipped to drive even the toughest subwoofer loads with crisp sound quality and excellent control. Designed specifically for application with subwoofers.

Other great features found in this amplifier include the soft start turn-on which is great for preventing that annoying clicking and popping when the system turns on, ensuring the sound is even and smooth. The gadget has a variable Bass Boost which ranges from 1 to 12, and it is centred at 45 Hz. with optional remote boost control. JL audio is equipped with an unlimited PMW switching power which ensures efficiency and continuous functioning of the device.

Compatible with a wide range of aftermarket and OEM head units due to the inclusion of dedicated hi-level inputs as well as the traditional low-level RCA inputs.

  • JL amplifier is designed in a small size which makes it easy to fit in small areas. It measures 11x 7 x3/4 x 2 inches.
  • Very clean sound

  • The amp can not take more than 750 rms.

Alpine PDX-V9 Digital Amplifier

best car amplifier

The new PDX series of amplifiers from Alpine have been completely redeveloped for sound, performance and dependability. Developed with the car audio enthusiast in mind they are one of the best car amplifiers on the market and come highly recommended; It is one of the best amplifier brands in the world due to its extreme power density. That said, it is still easy to install the device and comes with a stackable front panel control.

This amplifier has an industry leading frequency range boasting one of the widest ranges on the market, offering it’s consumers a level of sound detail that is a cut above the rest. 5Hz-100kHz for 4ch, 5Hz-400Hz for Mono (+0,-3dB).

With this in mind, they go even further than your typical class D amplifier which are not well known for their high frequency reproduction. The Apline PBX models break the mould by offering exactly that. It delivers crisp clear sound every time with no unwanted background noise or static etc.

The speaker connectors are designed for super easy installation, allowing for up to 10mm2 of cable.


  • Easy to install
  • Exceptionally wide frequency range
  • Compact for a small space


  • Runs quite hot

Rockford Fosgate prime 750 Watt Class D Amplifier


Apart from the great price that this gadget is sold at, it can delivery full, rich bass to any system aswell through it’s class D circuitury. It is also optimised for subwoofers with the addition of an infrasonic filter to protect your subwoofer from those inaudible bass notes. For an all singing all dancing Rockford Fosgate sound system, simply pair with a 4- channel stereo amplifier to make any Car Audio Fanatic weak at the knees.

Manufactured by Fosgate, this mono amplifier makes us remember why Fosgate has such a reputation for quality. Fosgate is largely renound as one of the best amplifier brands within the audio industry.

If you’re concerned over safety then you need not be with this lovely bit of kit; this is because it is crafted with tri-stage protection that covers the thermal, over current and short circuits hence ensuring there is a continuous flow of current. It is also ideal for the people who are looking for a simple amplifier for their car considering that it only has one channel.

Other great features found on this device include the onboard PEQ which is equipped with 18 dB which provides a boost of up to 45Hv. Rockford also provides a watt output of up to 750 watts. Although this gadget is small, it is one of the best car bass amplifiers on the market.

“I cannot believe how well this little amplifier works. I replaced a generic 2000w with this little 750w. Fosgate is known well for their quality and this amplifier does not dissapoint. I was able to change my 2ohm dvc from 4 ohm to 1ohm. Heat after an hour of driving with this unit is hardly noticeable. Summer heat is hotter than this runs while in use.
Output is amazing. So thrilled to change from a huge (nearly 3x the size) amplifier to this small unit and get even better quality bass output. I run a Fosgate T112D2, amp at less than 3 gain, no boost, and on 50 of 62 volume, pull 130db – Not tuned. Yes, I am thrilled.”

  • It is compelling and provides the best and clear bass.
  • All reviewers cited it didn’t get hot or cut out under any conditions
  • Out performs most amps three times it’s size

  • One reviewer found the packaging to be damaged on the outside but the inner packaging protected the amp
  • Had too much power for one p2d2-12 burnt it up in 2 weeks

Pioneer GMA3602 2 Channel Bridgeable car speaker amplifier.

best car amplifier

Pioneer is widely known for making the best products and this car amplifier is not an exception. The amp is designed to provide a maximum wattage output of 400. The amps are quite easy to fix, operate and comes with two RCA inputs for your subwoofer. With the frequency response of 10 Hz to 70 KHz, you are guaranteed to get clear and less noisy sounds from the background of your speaker. Note that the amplifier is compatible with a variety of cars hence making it an efficient gadget to buy.

This model can support for 2 Ohm and 4 Ohm speakers and is available as a set combined with the TS-W304R model of subwoofer complete with cables, GXT-3604B-SET, or without cables, GXT-3604B from Amazon.

Easy install. Product Dimensions in Inches (L x W x H): 12 x 9 x 4.5

“Powering a pair of Polk db502s in the soundbar of my 05 Wrangler. I have to keep the gain at low or else my ears will bleed. Its not a straining type of loud but a clean, effortless sound. The tweeters in the speakers really come to life. It does get a little warm but nothing too concerning as long as you have plenty of air space for it to cool. I ran this on a two hour road trip with volume over 50% and it was fine. I also tried wiring an 8in 2ohm DVC sub and it powered that very nicely. The sub is a Skar Audio IX-8 D2 150W RMS – 300W Max. It was the perfect match for this sub wiring in parallel. The instructions said its cant do 1 ohm parallel but I ran with no issues. I have always owned Pioneer decks and speakers but this is the first Pioneer amp I’ve ever owned. The quality of sound is second to none.”


  • The price of the gadget is excellent, and it also has high-quality sounding.


  • The gadget has one output only, therefore not ideal for stereo.

Boss Audio PD5000 5000 W Phantom Class D Monoblock Amplifier

best car amplifier

This amp accepts 1 Ohm impedance at it’s lowest producing the maximum possible power and typically used in conjunction with very high spec and very powerful subwoofers.

It is important to purchase a robust electrical system, in particular a low gauge wire compatible with the necessary electrical current.

When switched on this amp glows red due to the multiple LED backlights making everything light up. It also has switchable phase control to ensure all audio signals are working together rather than against each other making it easy to add bass where it is absent from a particular tune.

Product Dimensions in Inches (L x W x H): 22.5 x 12 x 5

Variable Low Pass Crossover, Variable Bass Boost, Variable Subsonic Filter

“When I got this amp I didn’t expect that much from it until I installed it myself which was quite easy to do i was amazed at the quality of sound awesome rich sound and bass.”


  • This is one of the most potent and efficient amplifiers in the world, and the sound quality is just amazing.



If you need the most reliable and easy to install amps in your car, then consider the above five gadgets. They are the best car amplifiers for your money and consist of all great features required in an amplifier.

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