The Best Infant Car Seat – How To Choose The Right One

Choosing the best baby car seat can be a tough decision and often parents feel under pressure because it’s such a crucial decision and where your baby will spend a lot of their time. A good baby car seat is key to keeping them safe and also comfy.

Seats for babies are not only important for getting your baby around in the car safely but is also handy when going out and not wanting to carry them in your arms all day. If they’re asleep in the car seat it makes it easier to not wake them if you can just take the seat with you wherever you are going, even attach it to a travel system if you have one that’s compatible as more and more of the best infant car seats are these days.

The main advantage of seats for babies are obviously that they improve your child’s travel safety but they also comprise of unique materials that provide long lasting comfort for your little ones. The best baby car seat for newborns and the and the best infant car seat for toddlers and older children will be looked at in this post.

Guide to The Best Baby Car Seat

Because there are so many in the market we have put together a mummy-friendly review page highlighting the top 10 contenders for best baby car seat, with a clear list of the pros and cons associated with each. Stress no more. The $ signs indicate where each seat sits price wise – one $ is typically under £100. Two dollar signs ($$) is around £100 – £200 and three dollar signs ($$$) indicate £200 plus.

1. Britax Romer Eclipse Forward Facing Car Seat, Group 1 – Cosmos Black ($)

best infant car seat

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We start our feet of looking for the best infant car seat with the superior quality of the Britax Romer Eclipse car seat. It comes with an adjustable 5 point safety harness with one convenient pull adjustment feature. Besides that, this car seat also provides sufficient side impact protection with its padded wings

It also comes with a unique control system that mitigates the effects of forward movement in the seat. The multi recline positions make it simple to adjust without interfering with your little one. It is very easy to install in different types of cars which is great is you are sharing the childcare with a childminder or partner. Britax do make very comfy seats for babies. And more importantly safe and secure. It has all the basics you would expect to make it on to the list of contenders for the best infant car seat and that’s why we start this post with this number.

  • This car seat provides impact protection with its padded wings.
  • It features a unique control system to control forwards movement

  • Straps can get twisted

2. Ganen Baby Car Seats For Group 0/1/2 ($)

best infant car seat

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This newborn car seat is ideal for both forward facing and rear facing installation benefits. With it’s three reclining backrest positions, this seat allows users to sit or lie down for optimal travel comfort. It comes in two colours but this red is just gorgeous for both boys and girls. I think red makes for the best baby car seat as it’s unisex can be used again should you go on to have another baby of a different gender, or have an occupation such as a childminder where it needs to be versatile.

The seat also has a durable design with ergonomic handles that make it simple to carry around.

The second contender for the best infant car seat because of it’s easy installation with 3 point car belt and suitable for up to 25kg which is a higher weight than most first stage newborn car seats to go up to.

  • This seat provides optimal safety performance with side and head protection
  • It comes with three reclining positions to allow the user to sit or lie down

  • Slightly heavier than other models

3. Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat ($$)

best baby car seat

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Discover the excellent of the Graco Milestone all in one seat that is ideal even for newborns right the way through to kids as old as 12 years meaning you only ever need to purchase one seat as opposed to one seat for babies and then a separate infant car seat.  The easy-to-remove, washable seat cover means it will stay looking new too! This car seat comes with a headrest that is simple to adjust with one hand to help the needs of your growing child. The best baby car seat is surely one that lasts a child right through so this ticks that box for sure.

Besides that, it can easily be converted to and from as many as three riding modes. The harness height can be automatically adjusted when customizing the headrest for convenience and can be rear-facing or forward facing.

Four position recline to ensure a comfy seat for babies even on long journeys.

This has to be considered as the best infant car seat as it is excellent for childminders or those will more than one child as it’s so versatile for different ages and is great quality so will last for a long time which is exactly what you want, especially if you are going to pay a bit more!

  • This Graco car seat comes with a headrest
  • This infant seat can be used by children from birth up to 12 years

  • It does not come with ergonomic handles.

4. Britax Romer Adventure Highback Booster Car Seat ($)

best infant car seat

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Number four in the best infant car seat charts with has superior benefits of an advanced car seat. The Britax Romer Adventure Highback Booster provides side impact protection and also comes with well-positioned seat belts that make it simple to strap your child in.

Best of all this car seat comes with an adjustable headrest and upper belt guide as well. The backrest can be customised to suit the needs of various types of cars. The reclining option is a great feature to have in seats for babies!

Minimal installation required, just sits in the seat and you thread the seat belt through the clip.

  • Very lightweight at 3.9kg (most car seats are between 7 and 10kg.
  • This best convertible car seat provides sufficient side impact protection
  • The seat belts are well positioned for convenience

  • A small number of reviews found the fabric to be on the thin side

5. Bebe Style Convertible 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat and Booster Seat ($)

best baby car seat

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Let your child travel with safety by investing in the Bebe style car seat and booster that is ideal for users from 9 months of up to 12 years of age. This car seat can be easily reverted into a booster seat, and it comes with extra thick padding. A great seat for babies who are no longer newborn all the way up until they are pre-teen. If you’re looking for the best convertible car seat this model should be given serious considerations.

The colour in the picture is a lovely light blue gorgeous for a little boy but it also comes in a baby pink for a girl. And it’s so affordable too – one of the lowest priced on the market actually so with all these benefits and it’s longevity it definitely makes it a contender for the spot of the best baby car seat as well as best infant car seat as it can transition until children no longer require a seat. A brilliant investment.

More so, the adjustable height of the headrest and the shoulder straps can help to accommodate the needs of your growing child.

  • This newborn car seat is very comfortable due to the seat padding
  • It comes with customisable headrests

  • Not so easy to transfer between cars

6. Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix Group 0+ Car Seat – Black Raven ($$)

best baby car seat

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Travel system compatibility puts this as the best baby car seat for me. Anything that adds ease to an already complex situation of raising a child is a massive plus. This is one of the few newborn baby car seats on the list but it’s earned it’s place fairly and squarely as one of the best baby car seat on the market.

Experience an enhanced sense of peace of mind with the Maxi Cosi car seat that is compatible with Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs to form a travel system.

best infant car seat

It is available in 17 colours lovely colours including denim hearts which is lovely and feminine for a little girl and the watercolour blue is gorgeous for little newborn Prince. It also has multiple accessories available – the sun canopy comes included and there are other car seat accessories sold separately such as raincover, mosquito net, footmuff, summer cover, and replacement cover.

It fits easily with Maxi-Cosi EasyFix Car Seat Base, Isofix and Belt, all available separately on Amazon.

With all of the above and still a reasonable price point we just couldn’t leave this off the ‘best infant car seat’ run down. The simple installation combination comprises of a good base and a three-point seat belt providing an optimal safety seat for babies.

Besides that, this discounted car seat also comes with a practical seat belt hook that keeps that harness out your child’s way. More so, the seat is padded for added protection. It is lightweight as far as car seats go weighing only 3.6kg, ideal for carrying around. It is not only a contender for best infant car seat but it’s one of the top two or three for best baby car seat. It really has everything.

It is a gorgeous newborn car seat and will take your baby safely through until they are 13kg (about one years old).

The CabrioFix car seat has handy hooks to hold the harness straps out of the way. This makes it faster to sit your baby in place and get them comfortable. The seat cover is removable and washable, and spares are available to make life even easier. There’s an integrated sun canopy so you’re never caught out without essential shade on sunny days.

  • This best baby car seat has been designed for convenient installation and comfort with hooks to hold the harness straps out of the way meaning baby can be fastened in quickly and easily.
  • It also comes with a three-point seat belt for optimal safety
  • Lots of car seat accessories available
  • Compatible with numerous travel systems for real ease and versatility
  • Includes sun canopy

  • Many customers saying packaging was slightly damaged but product unaffected. Highly rated by many as the best baby car seat

7. Chicco Seat Up 012 – baby car seats (3-point, Seat belt, Black, ECE R44/04) ($$$)

best infant car seat

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When reviewing seats for babies, this car seat just has to be considered inthe hunt for best infant car seat. Firstly, it accommodates newborns all the way up to 7 year olds so it is a one stop shop and a great investment in your child’s future. And secondly, it has 4 reclining positions which is very hard to come by and is available in black, grey or red. Extremely sturdy and very well made. The built in head rest means your infant can sleep whist their head is supported.

The Chicco child’s car seat is really gorgeous and a very stylish first seat for bringing your newborn home for the first time. This is one of the two or three I mentioned earlier contending for top stop as best baby car seat.

It really is 3 chairs in one, the best convertible car seat.

Group 0+

For Group 0+, the seat is installed rear-facing using the car seat belts. It is important to always disable the airbags.

Group 1

For Group 1 (9-18Kg) the seat 012 is installed in the direction of travel.

To ensure maximum versatility, you can instal the car seat using an Isofix system or if your vehicle is not equipped with this system, you can use the car seat belts.
Group 2

The seat can be transformed safely and comfortably with your growing child up to 25 kg. (About 7 years)

This group can be installed in two different ways.


The is equipped with up to 4 different reclining positions.

Position 4: Group 0+

1-2-3 Position: Group 1 and 2

The built in head rest is great for supporting little sleepy heads and provides side impact protection. Best infant car seat for that reason.

For me, this has to be up there as the best baby car seat.

  • 3 chairs in one with 4 reclining positions
  • Side impact protection
  • Accommodates all the way up to 7 years of age
  • Maximum comfortable for your new arrival

  • This infant car seat is more expensive than others

8. Car Seat DISNEY Group 0+/1 ($)

best infant car seat

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This Disney car seat accommodates children up to four instead of seven as with the Chicco model above. That said, it can be considered for the ‘best baby car seat’ award because it does offer real value for money with it’s lovely design and it’s ability to be rear facing for a newborn car seat and forward-facing once the child gets bigger. With 10 different Disney figures there is something for all children. Best baby car seat, particuarly if you’re working to a budget as it’s surprisingly cost effective.

Allow your child to experience both safety and comfort by investing this Car seat by Disney that comprises of durable seat padding. This seat padding is also comfortable, and the adjustable headrest with side protection enhances safety. It is very easy to fix in place and easy to recline.

Without a doubt,  the best baby car seat under £50 with it’s shoulder and buckle pads, meaning it can be comfortable even for long travels.

  • This infant car seat comes with a comfortable and durable seat padding
  • The adjustable headrest makes it ideal for the growing children

  • The overall seat is heavy, which makes it difficult to move around

9. RECARO Young Sports Group 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat ($$)

best child car seat


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This model offers something sportier in the best infant car seat steaks. Realise the excellence of the Recaro car seat that is simple to install, and it also comes with a 5 point harness that is simple to adjust. This seat also comes with thick padding that is both comfortable and durable for optimal value.

Furthermore, the full side impact protection provides optimal safety, and the removable cushion makes it simple to clean. When looking for the best convertible car seat that will accommodate your child from very small all the way up until they no longer require a car seat Suitable from 9 months to 12 years. Available in black and grey.

It has really good side head support, which is not only good for safety but means if the child falls asleep the head does not loll about.

The seat belt straps come with a protective covering for the neck so the skin is not cut/burnt by the strap moving, this protective strap is one of the best. The protective covering is neck shaped so fits well around the neck and it has a rubber strip on the underside so it stays in place and protects the neck, other protective coverings can slip down leaving the neck skin against the belt. This is a really good feature and often a complaint on other seats for babies where they are lacking protective neck strap coverings.

  • This car seat comes with removable covers for hygiene
  • This infant car seat is simple to install and it comes with one of the best protective straps for the neck
  • Does not move about unlike some other seat belt fitted car seats

  • Printed instructions are slightly confusing.

10. Graco Nautilus Elite Harnessed Booster Car Seat, Group 1/2/3 ($$)

best infant car seat


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Next on the list we propose this model for consideration as the best infant car seat. Let your child experience improved comfort with the Graco Nautilus Car Seat that features removable body support providing comfort and protection. It also has an adjustable headrest with two positions providing maximum support for their little heads. Besides that, it also comes with an integrated cup holder which is a massive win for parents with toddlers – no more cleaning up sticky juice off the back seat! This nifty little feature alone puts in the best infant car seat category.

More so, this seat features a convenient no-rethread harness that provides optimal safety, especially during long distance travels by the car. This means the five-point safety harness grows with your child.

This is another car seat that accomodates your child from very small right up to the point they dont need a seat any more. A great contetder for ‘best convertible car seat’.

  • The seat comes with a convenient no-rethread harness
  • It also features three recline positions and a removable body support
  • Cup holder are a brilliant feature in seats for babies

  • Minimal recline can leave nodding heads when having fallen asleep. May need a head support cushion to go with this product.

I have separated best infant car seat from best baby car seat to award a winner with best baby car seat focusing on those models that accommodate newborns from birth.

Taking all things into perspective, when it comes to ensuring that your child has the best in life, it is important for you to ensure you are buying the very best infant car seat. In this case, choosing one of the top 10 best baby car seats might be a good place for you to start. Baby car seats are convenient, and they are also a good travel safety measure, especially if you have an active child. The winner of the best infant car seat award is the RECARO Young Sports Group 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat. Firstly, I like the sporty look of it, it’s got great reviews but also it ticks all the boxes of comfort, easy to fasten, safety with the head support and one reviewer even advised this is the only forward facing seat her child has been travel sick in.

For the best baby car seat award (newborn appropriate), it comes down to a decision between Chicco Child’s Car Seat Up 012 and Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix Group 0+ Car Seat. The Maxi Cosi may just take the crown with it’s travel system compatibility and car seat accessories that are available, plus it is slightly cheaper than the Chicco; being able to attach the seat to a pram with ease is hands down one of the best features of this Maxi Cosi model. That is priceless for any new mum. Chicco Car seat is very close second, because it’s so cute, but also because it grows with your newborn right through to your child being 7. And 4 reclining positions… I mean, that’s very rare. For me, the one stop shop justify’s the extra spend.


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